Minuteman E Ride 26 Ride-On Disk Brush Scrubber


General Overview

Ships Complete with Batteries

The Minuteman E Ride 26 Ride-on Automatic scrubber boasts a 26” scrub deck with easy to use ergonomic controls. It’s dual side entry, 180 degree view, and 360 degree turning radius on its own axis provides any operator the comfort and maneuverability to complete even the larger complex jobs in a fraction of the time. Scrubbing performance is matched with exceptional water pick-up with its low profile, stainless steel, urethane blade assembly. Aqua Stop technology is also available as yet another productivity and cleaning enhancement feature. Enhance the E Ride 26 with the integration of Minuteman’s SPORT technology (OPTIONAL).


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Key Features

E Ride 26 in cylindrical or disc - 26” cleaning path
Solution/Recovery tank: 27 gallons
Five position control panel
Dual side entry and 180 degree view
Fully variable solution flow rate
Removable debris box on cylindrical scrub deck
Two caster wheels ensure proper squeegee alignment
Durable construction: structural steel tubing that is powder coated to resist corrosion
Rotationally molded polyethylene solution/ recovery tank
In both cylindrical and disc systems, brushes are computer controlled to follow the contour of the floor
Equipped with Aqua-Stop
SPORT technology (OPTIONAL).

Ease of Use

Easy-to-understand controls ensure that the machine is simple to operate
Compact design results in total operator comfort by focusing on ergonomics
Sleek design provides an excellent line of sight to the area to be cleaned

Green Features

Sound level < = 70dBs
Maintenance free gel batteries available
Tool free brush removal
Tool free squeegee removal
One button operation
Ergonomically designed for ease of use


Cleaning Path Width: 26” (66 cm) cylindrical or rotary disc
Solution Tank: 27 gallons (102 liters)
Recovery Tank: 27 gallons (102 liters)
Drive Motor: 3/4 HP PM double reduction
Vacuum Motor: 1 HP, 3-stage tangential bypass
Brush Motor Disc Brush Head: 1.25 HP dual right angle with gearbox, 300rpm
Brush Motor Cylindrical Brush Head: (2) 3/4 HP motors, 900 rpm
Vacuum Waterlift: 70” waterlift (177.8 cm)
Front Wheels: 3” x 10” solid w/cross hatch
Rear Wheels : 3” x 10” soft ride cross hatch non-marking gray
Linear Speed: 0-4 mph
Scrub Speed: Variable and programmable

Typical Applications/Markets

Retail Outlets/Malls
Government Buildings
Food and Beverage
Light Manufacturing
Transportation Facilities



E Ride 26 Brochure

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Parts Catalog

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User Manual

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